Clock Plans
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Plan 530

Wall Clock (Plan No. 530)

Octagon traced and cut from single piece of pine. 22 in. tall by 13 in. wide.


Plan 935

Grandfather Clock (Plan No. 935)

Traditional beauty. Oak and oak plywood, but other lumber may be substituted. 6 ft. tall.

Plan 914

Craftsman Grandfather Clock (Plan No. 914)

Craftsman styling. 72 in. tall by 17 in. wide by 12 in. deep.


Plan 558

Grandfather Clock (Plan No. 558)

Impressive piece. Use cherry, pine, walnut or mahogany. 6 ft. tall.


Plan 485

Granddaughter Clock (Plan No. 485)

Step-by-step directions, traceable patterns. 5.5 ft. tall.


Plan 464

Hall Clock (Plan No. 464)

Walnut, mahogany or your choice of wood. Traceable pieces. Over 6 ft. tall.


Plan 320

Grandmother Clock (Plan No. 320)

Full-size patterns. Exploded diagrams.6 ft. tall.

Plan 807

Clock Trio (Plan No. 807)

Battery operated. Traceable pieces. 8, 12 and 16 in. tall.

Mission Shelf Clock - Here is a timepiece distinguished by its timeless design. The clock’s clean, angular lines and tasteful details make it a fine gift...that is, if you can bear to part with it. Measures 9 1/2" tall.

Grandfather Clock PlanCraftsman-Style Grandfather Clock Plan Sturdy panel case ensures that this clock will last for generations. Features traditional solid-oak construction with mortise and tenon joinery.
Decorative Peg ClockDecorative Peg Clock Plans
Offers a variety of challenging woodworking techniques: cutting, rabbeting, mortising, drilling, countersinking, and chamfering.

Architectural clock Stately yet simple, this architectural clock can be built with just a tablesaw, router, and bandsaw or jigsaw. 7" high by 7" wide.


Signature Shop Clock- A tradition-rich timepiece that says it all. Like all of the other projects we designed for Idea Shop™ 2, this wall-mounted clock had to meet two criteria. First, it had to perform its task well. And second, it had to be an attractive addition to our workshop.

Cutting-time-in-half shelf clock This oak and walnut clock will instantly give away your favorite hobby. And it will grab everyone’s attention whether sitting on a desktop, mantel, or bookcase. Clock measures 17” long.

Simply stated Shaker clock  Like wall clocks built by the Shakers in the early 19th century, our version features clean, unadorned design lines. Although the Shakers frowned upon watches, wall clocks abounded. Today collectors seek out the originals and pay dearly for them. Our clock measures 13" wide, 6" deep, and just under 3' tall

Arts & Crafts Mantel Clock  It’s hard to beat the elegant good looks of handcrafted mission-style pieces. We’ve continued that tradition with this handsome 21"-tall tabletop clock. Quartersawn oak, tapered square buttons, and an “aged” copper face make for a timepiece guaranteed to garner compliments (and orders for more). So you can achieve these same results, see our Buying Guide for a source of quartersawn oak, copper, and clock parts.

The Keepsake Grandfather Clock Plans (F10):

Combining a collector's cabinet with an elegant floor clock, the Keepsake's Eight curio shelves allow you to display your glassware and collectibles. Options include the full mirrored back, beveled glass and shelves (as shown at left) and illumination by interior lights, mounted in the hood of the clock.

PHOTO: F. William Murray...F9SE A

The William F. Murray Grandfather Clock Plans (F9): Standing a full seven feet high, the F. William Murray offers a hand-carved leaf design in the pediment and a tasteful decor in the base. The case features glass fitted sides and half pillars running the full height of the case on either side of the door. The design allows for easy construction while maintaining a classical elegance.

PHOTO: Forest HillStylistic brothers, our Foresthill and Legacy models share key components. In making both, you'll use the same bevelled glass, the same crown mouldings described in the section Hard-to-Make Parts, and we recommend the same movements for the Foresthill as for the Legacy.

Fine figured veneer accents over solid hardwood distinguish the crown and base of this elegant Grandfather clock-burled oak in the oak version, and crotch mahogany in the cherry version. Flanking the door are solid half-round columns graced with end caps and intermediate turnings.

The Sir John A. Macdonald(F5) Proud and stately, our classic case is fittingly named after the senior member of Canada's Fathers of Confederation. The graceful proportions of this clock with its swan necks, finial, column supported pediment arch and more than seven foot height, will make it a treasured addition to any home.

The Aspen Close cousins in style and proportion, our Aspen and F. William Murray models share the same bevelled glass and crown mouldings as described under Hard-to-Make Parts. We recommended the same movements and dials for both the F. William Murray and the Aspen.

Stately - no word better describes our Aspen grandfather clock. Refined mahogany veneer laid over solid cherry in the crown and base lends the cachet of quality craftsmanship. Or choose the oak version, featuring a fine burled-oak overlay as shown on our Foresthill. Solid half-round columns, accented with end caps and intermediate turnings, flank the door.

Curio Display Clock Plan

Colonial Times - 18 different, professionally produced plans for do-it-yourself customers.  Each plan features full-scale drawings of all contoured parts, bill of materials, and complete assembly instructions as well as the drawings.

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