Motorized Bicycle Kits

Forget the high price of gas!! If you want to conserve energy, get exercise, find speedy alternative transportation (up to 30 MPH) or just have fun, building your own moped, power bike or electric scooter is a rewarding DIY project. It'll get you where you want to go in style! KitGuy brings you an immense variety of mopeds, power bikes and electric scooters with a host of assembly options and stylin' accessories.

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Many people like to add a motorized conversion kit to their existing bike or you can buy an entire motorized bike kit. Motorized bicycle conversion kits come in gas or electric options. They quickly and easily mount on any style of bicycle and turn it into a motorbike! These lightweight engines can completely power your bike up steep grades, or you can use them as auxiliary power as you continue to pedal. Some mount effortlessly on your rack, then attach easily (no tools required) when you need high-powered riding. Others can be pre-installed and then engaged when you need a little extra power to make biking and riding a true pleasure, regardless of road or traffic conditions.

Before you choose your powerful, pollution-free transportation solution, consider your requirements for range, ride and reliability. Are you commuting to work or running errands? A weekend cycling enthusiast? Planning a cross-country trek? Consider your needs to carry heavy weight, climb grades and run further on a single fill-up or electric charge. Some motors are designed for higher speeds; others give you greater range. The cheapest kit may not be the best one to suit your needs.

KitGuy also recommends that you learn state laws concerning bicycles, scooters and mopeds. And always wear a helmet, elbow and knee protection when riding. Many kit manufacturers also sell an array of protection accessories. Please, choose 'em and use 'em!

Kompleteness of Kits: The variety of kits and assembly options is immense. Most kits include everything you'll need to assemble a moped, add power to your bicycle or construct a scooter. First, determine if you want a gas- or electric-powered ride, then start your search engines! Click to visit all the manufacturers and see what they have to offer!

Tools: Some kits require no tools to complete; others require ordinary household tools.

Skill: Basic tools and assembly skills are required.

Price Range: Basic scooter kits start at $229.95. Gas or electric-powered motor kits for bicycles start at $289. Mopeds start at $1,149. Shipping is extra on all kits.



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