Pontoon Boat Kits


You can save hundreds of dollars and have a ball building your own floating entertainment center. Innovative kit manufacturers provide all the components to build a floating pontoon boat from a kit. The pontoon boat kit consists of a set of polyethylene plastic pontoon floats that will not crack, break or deteriorate they are not affected by fuel, oil, chemicals or pollutants. Wildlife can't chew on them, either. They come in different colors, red, black or yellow, or a combination. 

Basically, there are two steps to assembling the pontoon boat: positioning the pontoons to connect them to aluminum cross-supports to form the floor/deck. Then add deck material (like 3/4 marine plywood) and you've got the base that's it! To this base, you can add various aluminum deck trim, canopies and mounts for an outboard motor as you prefer. Swim ladders, seating, side rails and console steering wheels are just a few of the many options available. Since the component parts are all knocked-down, the shipping is very affordable and construction is simple.

Your pontoon boat can be equipped with up to a 25 hp gas or an electric trolling motor. Pontoon boats are designed to require very little maintenance, can be cared for with regular household cleaners and washed with a garden hose or at the carwash. This pontoon assembly process can also be used to construct floating swim rafts, too.

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Kompleteness of Kits/Tools/Finishing: Kits include just about everything you'll need: pontoon floats, deck framing and trim, vinyl floor, hardware, marine plywood - unless you want to furnish it yourself - and assembly instructions.

Skill: You can assemble a pontoon boat with minimal skill or exertion. Common carpenter tools are all that you need.

Price Range: You can buy a basic pontoon boat kit for under $1800. Shipping is extra.

Shipping: Virtually all of the components can be shipped UPS, except for the plywood floor. If you purchase the plywood floor from the kit manufacturer, they will package it separately and ship it common carrier.


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