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What is KitGuy?

KitGuy is your online marketplace for kit projects a portal site that brings buyers and sellers together. KitGuy has researched hundreds of kit manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with koncise summaries of that information in a user-friendly format. KitGuy enables you to shop for the best kit products at the best deals by komparing the profiles of some of the best online kit manufacturers and suppliers.

What are KitGuy Koupons?

Every time you place an order for a kit through any participating KitGuy manufacturer / supplier, you'll get a KitGuy Koupon for money off your NEXT kit purchase through any participating KitGuy kit manufacturer / supplier. So, after you buy your first kit, you kan save money on all your next kit purchases. In most instances, your kit purchase must meet a Minimum Order amount to be eligible; but you kan kombine more than one kit product from the manufacturer to accumulate the Minimum Order amount. They must be on the same order, at the same time, from the same kit manufacturer.

All you need to do to redeem your KitGuy Koupon is kome back to KitGuy and purchase your next kit from any participating KitGuy kit manufacturer. That's it!

And remember, KitGuy Koupons are in addition to any Special Offers payable directly to you by the kit manufacturers themselves. So, you kan get a special deals, on a kit directly from the kit manufacturer and a KitGuy Koupon directly from KitGuy, too!

Remember, KitGuy Koupons are sent to you from KitGuy. If you are eligible for any other special offers or deals those amounts are sent to you from the kit manufacturer/supplier themselves.

For more detailed information regarding KitGuy Koupons klick on Money Saving Koupons.

What is the best way to navigate the KitGuy website?

For an in-depth answer, klick on the New To KitGuy flag located in the upper right area of each page on the website. Basically, KitGuy provides you with kit information in an easy Three-Step Process that allows to buy the best kits at the best deals: First you pick a kit Kategory; Second you review the Profiles of kit manufacturers and suppliers in that Kategory; and Third you kan link directly to each kit manufacturer / supplier website to shop. KitGuy works in conjunction with many kit manufacturers and suppliers to bring you special offers on kits, accessories and other related Resources.

Does KitGuy promote any specific kit manufacturers?

No, KitGuy offers information on kit manufacturers / suppliers found in various kit Kategories. Most of the kit manufacturers and suppliers see the value in our website and work in conjunction with us to bring you Special Offers on kits and other related products.

What is the KitGuy Buyer's Guide?

The KitGuy Kit Buyer's Guide is an electronic booklet that we have kompiled to assist you in your kit buying decisions. It contains most of the profiles of kit manufacturer / suppliers featured on the KitGuy website in a konvenient, Adobe PDF format so you kan review it any time, even if you are not online. You will receive your FREE KitGuy Kit Buyer's Guide via email by signing up for the KitGuy Newsletter - KitBuilders' Korner.

Does KitGuy provide kustomer service or technical support for the kits or other related products purchased through KitGuy?

KitGuy only provides kustomer service for kuestions related to the KitGuy website. The kit manufacturers and suppliers provide all the kustomer service and technical support for kits and related products. The information on KitGuy Kategories and Profiles is obtained directly from the kit manufacturers / suppliers' websites or from direct kontact with them. Prices, features, specifications and other related information are subject to change and you should always check with the kit manufacturer / suppliers to konfirm the data. Kontact information for kit manufacturer / suppliers kan be found on their individual KitGuy Profile pages.

What is the KitGuy Newsletter - KitBuilders' Korner?

The KitGuy newsletter KitBuilders' Korner  is a periodic publication sent to you via e-mail. This newsletter kontains information regarding SPECIAL OFFERS, updates to manufacturers' sites and information on NEW KITS from manufacturer / suppliers. KitGuy also provides articles and tips for the everyday kit builder.

What if KitGuy does not have a kit that I would like to purchase?

If KitGuy does not have a Kategory or Profile for a kit that you are looking for or, if you know of a kit website or Kategory that we have overlooked please let us know by sending an e-mail via Kontact KitGuy. You may be eligible for a $50 Reward if we wind up using such information on the KitGuy website. 

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