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Here's how they work for you:

The more kits you buy, the more money you save...

...every time you buy a kit through any Participating KitGuy Kit Manufacturer, you kan get a KitGuy Koupon for money off your next kit purchase through any Participating KitGuy Kit Manufacturer. So, after you buy your first kit, you kan save money on all your next kit purchases!

All you need do is kome back to KitGuy and purchase your next kit from any Participating KitGuy Kit Manufacturer. That's it!


How to Kash In Your KitGuy Koupons:

After you have gotten your first koupon, you simply make another purchase from any Participating KitGuy Kit Manufacturer by going through the KitGuy Website. After you make this NEXT kit purchase through KitGuy, and meet their KitGuy Koupon offer requirements, you simply forward your Koupon back to

Along with your koupon, you send KitGuy the DATE OF PURCHASE and DESCRIPTION of your additional, new kit, along with the name of the Participating KitGuy Kit Manufacturer where you made your additional, new kit purchase.  IN ORDER TO REDEEM YOUR KOUPON YOU MUST TELL THIS NEXT PARTICIPATING KITGUY KIT MANUFACTURER THAT YOU WANT ANOTHER KOUPON - so they will be prepared to validate this next purchase. You will get yet, another KitGuy Koupon on this additional, new purchase for your NEXT kit purchase from any Participating KitGuy Kit Manufacturer.

KitGuy will validate your additional new kit purchase with the Participating Kit Manufacturer and then deposit the amount of your koupon - not to exceed the value of this new kit purchase - into your PayPal account. KitGuy uses PayPal since it is a quick and reliable way for you to get your money

Note: If you do not already have a PayPal account you kan establish one at any time by visiting their website:


So don't delay start accumulating your KitGuy Koupons now!

And, don't forget, if you order via telephone, be sure to tell the kit manufacturer that you came through KitGuy to get your Money Saving Koupon!

More details about KitGuy Koupons:

Notes: If at any time the Koupon value exceeds the value of your new kit purchase, you will receive another KitGuy Koupon for the balance remaining. You will get another KitGuy Koupon on this new purchase for your NEXT kit purchase through KitGuy.

Every KitGuy Koupon will kome to you via email with komplete redemption details.

And remember, KitGuy Koupons are in addition to any Special Offers payable directly to you by the kit manufacturers themselves. So, you kan get a special deal on a kit directly from the kit manufacturer and a KitGuy Koupon directly from KitGuy, too!

Kit purchases may require a certain Minimum Order amount to be eligible for a KitGuy Koupon.  However, purchases of more than one kit kan be kombined to accumulate the Minimum Order amount to be eligible for a koupon, provided those kits are purchased at the same time, with the same order.

The amount you save depends on the kits you buy. KitGuy Koupons are worth anywhere from $5 to $35 or more  depending on the type of kit(s) purchased. Participating KitGuy kit manufacturers are highlighted with a KitGuy logo on the "Kategory" pages and they are also klearly identified on their individual KitGuy Profile page.

Example: If you klick on the Greenhouses kategory under the "Kits" listing you will see four profiles there: Hoop House, ACF Greenhouses, ScreenHouses Unlimited and Greenhouse Kits. The first two of these are "participating KitGuy manufacturers", as noted by the KitGuy logo next to their names:

Hoop House ACF Greenhouses    

Also, if you go to the "Profile" page of any one of the Greenhouses Kits marketers, you will see a green text box:

Click on any of the flags below or... KLICK HERE TO SEE THE KOUPON OFFER AND LINK TO GO TO...

By klicking on the link in the green text box, you can easily review the Koupon Offer on any profile page. For example, if you purchase a kit from Hoop House, you will get a Koupon from KitGuy worth $20 OFF YOUR NEXT KIT PURCHASED THROUGH KitGuy AND FROM any PARTICIPATING KitGuy Kit Manufacturer.  NOTE: The Minimum Order amount is $200 to be eligible for this KitGuy Koupon. So, in this example, your purchase from Hoop House must be at least $200 to be eligible for the Koupon.

Remember, KitGuy Koupons are sent to you from KitGuy.  If you are eligible for any other special offers or deals, those amounts are sent to you from the kit manufacturer/supplier themselves.

EXAMPLE: If you buy a greenhouse kit from Hoop House for $300, KitGuy will send you a Koupon worth $20. You kan then redeem that $20 Koupon when you buy your next kit through KitGuy, from any one of KitGuy's Participating Kit Manufacturers, in any kit kategory. So, if you get that $20 KitGuy Koupon, you kan buy, for example, a furniture kit through KitGuy from any participating KitGuy furniture kit manufacturer and then apply that $20 Koupon against that furniture kit purchase by REDEEMING your Koupon anytime after that furniture kit is shipped to you. YOU WOULD ALSO RECEIVE ANOTHER KITGUY KOUPON due to the purchase of that furniture kit. So, as long as you continue to purchase from any participating KitGuy kit manufacturer, you will kontinue to reel in savings with KitGuy Koupons.

And remember, if the kit manufacturer is offering any other special deals, you may also be eligible for additional savings directly from the kit manufacturer.

KitGuy Koupons are sent to you via email.

Note: Special offers are subject to change - always check with kit manufacturers for their kurrent pricing and offers.

NOTE: KitGuy Koupons are only available and redeemable on kit purchases made through the KitGuy website. KitGuy Koupons are sent to you via email and you must have a valid email account to be eligible. You must also have a valid PayPal account to receive  your koupon redemption deposits.

Koupons are sent to you when the Participating Kit Manufacturer konfirms your purchase and your kit shipment by sending notification to KitGuy.  So, there may be a few days delay from the time you place your order with the kit manufacturer to the time we send your Koupon.

If you order via telephone, be sure to tell the kit manufacturer that you came through KitGuy to get your Money Saving Koupon.

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