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Purchase the plans to build this 3'x5' Utility Shed.

This is an ideal, lean-to or stand-alone utility shed for all kinds of storage - with easy access from large, double doors.

The structure is of the same rugged caliber as larger buildings. Provides plans for solid doors with full door stops and heavy duty hardware. Attractive and very versatile - top quality structural design.

These are DELUXE, Step-by-Step plans and include a material list, cut out rafter templates, step by step wall framing detail, tips, notes, tool suggestions, detailed color pictures, and safety information.

Click here for more details on the  3'x5' Utility Shed.

click for price break downPurchase the kit to build this 2'x4' Garbage Shed

Just the right size for two large garbage cans - this little cottage will also hold a few miscellaneous tools. The structure is of the same rugged caliber as some of the larger buildings. Comes with solid doors with full door stops and heavy duty hardware keeping the pesky varmints away from the vittles. Attractive and very versatile the shed can also be set up for one can and an organizing space for recyclables.

Click here for all the details.

KitGuy now specializes in hardwood stools kits. And, you can BUY STOOLS KIT NOW directly from KitGuy in a variety of choices!

Kits are precision drilled and come with all the necessary components and fasteners to produce beautiful finished products.  They come unfinished, so you can stain, varnish, paint or upholster them to your liking. Available for immediate delivery!

See the KitGuy Stoolkits page for more details.

The Wine Rack Shop specializes in all kinds of wine rack kits. Choose from simple countertop or corner wine rack to a decorative "diamond bin", half-round or combination wine cabinet and rack. Their line includes racks ranging in numerous sizes and dimensions from 16" high to over 7' tall - in almost unending widths. Easy to build kits so you can do some great wine storage systems. 

See The Wine Rack Shop for more details.

Precision Pine has added two new styles to its collection of spiral stair kits. The Contemporary and the Charleston join the affordable Smart Spiral and the popular Traditional stair. The Contemporary model has a distinctive wide handrail and a round center column. The Charleston offers turned balusters and newel posts for a classic look. Both come in Southern Yellow Pine and Red Oak.

See Precision Pine for more details.

The Growing Dome Greenhouse by Growing Spaces, Inc. allows you to grow fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs year round.  And, according to this kit maker, it's the most energy-efficient, hobby greenhouse kit available.

See Growing Spaces, Inc. for more details.

ADAMS - All  Natural Cedar offers a beautiful range of wooden arbor kits. One terrific kit is the Country Peak Arbor and, according to ADAMS, "This uniquely designed garden arbor with side trellis for climbing vines and roses, will add a charming accent to your yard alone or provide comfortably cozy seating for you and guests in the garden.

ADAMS - All  Natural Cedar also offers a great range of bridge kits - single and multi-rail and four and six-post.

See Adams - All Natural Cedar for more details on arbor and bridge kits.

Again, over the past few months KitGuy has announced the addition of several NEW KITS and NEW KIT Kategories to the ever-growing list of kool kit projects for your kollection of konstructions:

Canoes & Kayaks    Cabins     Clocks    Awnings & Canopies    Guitars    Fishing Lures    Picnic Tables      Log Furniture    Marquetry     Outhouses    Workbenches   Potting Benches   Lawn Ornaments   Doghouses     Saunas     Sheds    Woodcarving


Spirit Elements offers an extensive collection of garden sheds, pool cabanas, cabins, storage buildings, gardenhouses, summerhouses, children's playhouses and more. Their structures are delivered in a convenient 'ready to assemble' format, securely packaged for shipment anywhere in the world.  

See Cabins and Cottages for details.            (Back to Top)


Prairie Kraft Specialties offers a variety of tongue-and-groove log cabins in a variety of sizes. Each log cabin package includes walls, ceiling, floor, roof, windows, door, and a 6' porch. They even supply the hardware and stain. According to Prairie Kraft Specialties, they've been building quality log cabins and structures since 1980 and are the official supplier of the KOA Kampgrounds throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico.

See Cabins and Cottages for details.            (Back to Top)

Fishing Lures has a tremendous variety of components and tools for making your own fishing lures. Spinner baits, crankbaits, trolling and casting spoons, fly tying kits and more. Hundreds and hundreds of items - you can even get vinyl paint, glitter paint and glow-in-the-dark paint to finish your custom tackle projects. 

See Fishing Lures for details.            (Back to Top)


BRADLEY WOODWORKS is the only clock company in the world devoted exclusively to the manufacturing of railroad station clocks. All three of the fine station clocks that they produce are now available in kit form. They are exact copies of the originals, produced from original drawings. They have even tooled for all of the original solid brass hardware components.

See Clocks for details.            (Back to Top)

Canoes and Kayaks

Stillwater Boats makes boat kits in 2 styles: kayak and canoe. The kayak is available in single and double person versions - lengths from 11'4"' to 15'6". The canoes are also singles and doubles - 11'6" to 15'6".    

See Canoes and Kayaks for more...

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Stewart-MacDonald features a great line of musical instrument kits. They also feature a comprehensive line of hard-to-find tools, parts, and accessories for building and repairing stringed instruments. And, to top it off they also include a wide selection of instruction books and videos covering all aspects of repair and building. 

See Musical Instruments for more...          (Back to Top)               


Jamaica Cottage Shop features several models of shed kits, including a terrific outhouse kit. Kits include walls, doors, windows, floors, siding, roofing, etc. Other shed styles include storage sheds, garbage bins, wishing wells, playhouses, snowmobile sheds, woodbins, doghouses, potting houses, gazebos and covered bridges.

Click on outhouses under Kits

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Marquetry or hardwood inlay kits are great for most all woodworkers and hobbyists.  Kits come in a variety of wildlife scenes and landscapes.  And, building a marquetry kit is a great way to get started into this unique craft.  See Marquetry Kits for details.

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A sauna is truly a hot project for anyone who wants to add great value to their home and enjoy healthy relaxation.  You can easily fit a sauna almost anywhere - beside the pool, on a patio, in a garage or shed, in a basement or recreation room - even in a master bedroom.  All you need is a waterproof floor and a 220/240V electrical hookup.

Kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your room size and budget.  Square, rectangular and modular/angled units are available. Portable and outdoor units are among the options. And, the average home sauna only costs around $3/month to operate with a usage of an hour or two, several times a week.

See Saunas for details.            (Back to Top)


Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply has a terrific array of woodcarving kits and related items. Cowboy boots, eagle heads, spirit faces, bottle stoppers and more - and almost endless variety. Kits include all the wood parts - ready to carve and assemble. They also sell two great beginner's kits, so those new to woodcarving can whittle a little to start.

See Woodcarving for details.            (Back to Top)

Awnings and Canopies

Awning kits provide an economical way to shade your patio or deck and add a lot of value and enjoyment to your home. Choose from retractable or permanently installed models - attached or freestanding - depending on your application and preferences.

Kits come in a wide variety of colors and sizes ranging from small kits that cover doors and windows to
much larger versions for decks and patios. Fabric choices include meshed (for easy air-flow), solids and stripes.  Specific sizes range from about 5'4"' to 40' wide with extensions from about 6'' to 20'.  Custom sizes and roof-mounted units are available.

Just klik on Awnings / Canopies under KITS for all the details.                                           (Back to Top)

Picnic Tables


You'll find kits for the Classic American rectangular picnic table in 5-foot and 6-foot lengths. Or, choose from oval, round, with attached seats or separate seats. Today, you also have your choice of real wood (usually rot-resistant cedar) or maintenance-free plastic lumber (it's somewhat comparable to cedar in price). Some kits feature all-wood construction or a blend of wood materials and polypropylene fixtures. Just klik on Picnic Tables under KITS for all the details.                      (Back to Top)

Log Furniture

Woodworkers from novice to advanced will enjoy making this log  furniture! All furniture kits are created from strong, durable Douglas Fir logs that are hand-peeled and air-dried; and each log contains the slight variations in diameter, knots, checking and grain patterns that makes it unique. All joints are shaped and cut to length with the appropriate mortises and tenons. Assembly requires sanding of each piece, gluing or bolting, and finishing.

Just in time to furnish that new cottage or family room - hammer your mouse over KitGuy's Log Furniture kits and klik on the "super log furniture" link under "SHOP FOR KITS HERE"!                                (Back to Top)

Workbench Kits


KitGuy links you to top-of-the-line workbenches at lower-than-expected prices. Workbenches come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Numerous options are available: vacuum clamping systems - ideal for fine woodworking such as working with veneers, because it minimizes the possibility of damaging the wood surfaces; various wood and metal vises; many styles of stools.

Klik on workbenches under Kits on the menu to the left AND be sure to see the terrific workbenches, vices, stools, and tools can all be purchased from one super online source now - just put the keywords "stools" or "workbench" or "vices" or any other tool name in their search box and klik "GO".                     (Back to Top)

Potting Bench Kits


Kits include pre-fit components, cedar construction, predrilled holes, zinc-plated hardware and a fully sanded finish. Because all of the components are precut and predrilled these items can be assembled in just a matter of hours.

Cedar is an excellent material for a potting bench because it will resist rot and decay and the cedar aroma is a deterrent to insects and other pests. 

Klik on Potting Benches under the Kits menu on the left side of the page. Unassembled, about $219 - plus shipping - assembled kits are about $269 - plus shipping.            (Back to Top)

Lawn Ornament Kits


Great for a cottage or backyard "seascape", KitGuy links you to a great lawn ornament kit. Easy to build product range includes kits like small and large lighthouses, waterwheels, and trellises.

Lighthouse and lawn ornament kit prices range from $89 to $1,695. Many manufacturers offer free shipping and delivery.                     (Back to Top)

Doghouse Kits

Doesn't your "best friend" deserve the best doghouse you can easily build for him or her? The number of doghouse kits available online is somewhat limited, but several feature excellent quality and exceptionally functional design. All offer the insulating properties of wood to protect your pooch from the elements.

Check out these kool new kits with Koupons up to $15 klick on Doghouses under the KITS list on the left for a real "Bow Wow" Now!              (Back to Top)


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